Photography, because I must

 Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Currently based in Paris, European with roots in Piedmont (Italy), the world as my home. A soft spot for Old Town in Chicago, whose squirrels were my neighbors for four years.

I bought my first camera in 1978, a Nikon FM I stil own. Ever since, I have never stopped shooting, sometimes more intensely, sometimes less.
Color slides first, B&W film later, switching to digital when I realized it gave me more freedom and control than I have ever had with film.
Mostly rangefinder cameras since the mid-90s. I love their immediacy, almost transparent between me and my subjects. And I love the discipline of prime lenses, zooming with my feet. Lately, mostly 28 and 50mm.

Photography is my way to be present in the moment, to pay attention, to appreciate life as it flows inside and around me, to breathe in the cultural landscape I'm immersed in.
Urban, mostly, dense and diverse, accidentally beautiful even in its most mundane aspects.
Profoundly human, even when humans are not there. 
Life captured as it aligns itself geometrically and magical in the frame of the camera's viewfinder.

My love letter to the world and to the people that make it worth exploring and living.

J’ai longtemps connu cette double tension : la crainte de m’approcher, de violer l’intimité et en même temps une forte envie d’aller voir de plus près pour photographier ce que je n’osais pas regarder. Le regard est le signal ou l’amorce d’un échange
— Marc Riboud


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