Well, it's been a most interesting World Cup and the French team won out of sheer team spirit, youthful enthusiasm and amazing talent. 

And for one night, Parisians have had every reason to turn their streets and squares into a gigantic, jolly party venue. Fraternité in happiness.

Well done, les Bleus, and thanks for sharing your joy, Parisians.

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Guilty as charged. The web is inundated with random shots of people in the street, defined as "street photography" just because they are shot in the street. Most times I dismiss them as not particularly interesting, surely anonymous. So, why do I do the same in my own practice? 


What makes a random passer-by worth photographing? Perhaps, just perhaps, the key is not in the subject but in the way one approaches the subject: distance, composition, movement. I guess I have developed a bit of a signature look, in this regard. Color, too, why not. (Yes, color again... a 2018 new direction.) 

I'm not sure this is the path I want to keep following going forward, but when you hit an inspirational 'blank', as I have hit in the past couple of months, the best cure is to 'just do it', and if 'doing it' means going back to familiar habits that you thought you had overcome, so be it... Of course, nothing very familiar in shooting color, for me; so that's at least part of the creativity kickstart I was trying to initiate with these outings.