Color. Again?

I realize this is the second time in barely a month that I find myself posting about color work. Something's stirring in my brain... Harry Gruyaert has left a mark? 

It just happened, unconsciously at first. I was downloading a recent shoot done with the Leica M9 (with its by now old but mythically sensual CCD sensor) and the Elmarit 21mm f/2.8, a very tough focal to use but one I need to train on, because it can produce fantastic images when used properly. I lingered a bit longer than usual on the raw files, before going through the BW conversion process.  

I never let that happen, because working BW images require a clean mental slate, undistracted by color content. This time, though, I could not let go of the color images, they were drawing me in like crazy. And suddenly I said to myself, don't resist, let it flow. A bit of editing down to a smaller batch, then some moderate (as always) post-processing of the files.

You'll have to judge for yourselves, but hey, there is something going on here. Sign of things to come in 2018?