Color Nostalgia?

I was chatting via Messenger the other night with Chad Tobin, my good friend in Nova Scotia. Chad and I share a passion for Leicas and I dare say an even greater passion for Japan. He's the one that pushed me over the edge in deciding to go to Tokyo last January, after many a Skype discussion about his own experience there. He's also the one that can call the great Robert Frank a friend and an (almost) neighbor, in his retreat up there in front of the ocean. (Check Chad's portraits of Frank here:, and then wander around his website to discover his other work.)

Well, this time our conversation turned to film photography and the fantastic hues that color slides can give us. I am convinced that equally great color can be extracted out of digital sensors (some at least!), provided one is good enough with post-processing on Lightroom. (Even Fuji's great in-camera color film simulations need some help later on, as the great Patrick LaRoque explains here: 

Still, the naked strength of color slide film is undeniable, and as we were talking I suddenly started thinking about the last time I shot color film, back in the US, circa 2006. Some of that work has ended up scanned into my LIghtroom library. Let me share a few images with you, for a change of scenery in a sea of BW work. For a moment, I've thought I may revive the good old Leica M6 and use it as my color photography tool. Let me marinate that idea, I'll keep you posted...