Darkness falls

I've not posted anything on this blog for a month, and I should not leave these pages languish too long, even if I am almost completely immersed in a different project: making sense of the images I brought back from Japan in December, with the help and encouragement of some of my good friends near and afar around the world (you know who you are...).

Still, even if I have not been writing here, I have not let too many days go by without giving a workout to my eyes and my lenses. For the moment, darkness still falls early, and the weather adds its own coat of non-light. The city tries to fight back, and I love this struggle that's playing out in the streets. One evening some ten days ago, my camera badly wanted to turn vertical at every chance; I let her do her thing...

Parisian Kids

I wish I could look at this city with their eyes. God knows which photos I would then shoot.