A Spanish Interlude – 1

I've been away from this blog for way too long. While in Japan, I barely had time to upload files from my cards every evening and tag them with essential location data, but certainly not to do the editing and processing work that they will need and I have barely started. With over 8000 images to sort through, it will be a long time before something publishable emerges from them.

Life however goes on and with it come new images along the way. We spent a (very) few days in Andalucia right before year-end, and I carried with me one camera, the good old M9, and one lens, the 35 mm Summicron. Travel light, always a good practice. I did not shoot much, but some things caught my attention and inspired me to press the trigger.

Carmona, Spain

Carmona is a quaint, mostly agricultural town of 27 thousand souls some 40km from Sevilla. We stayed there and commuted to Sevilla for daytime visits. It proved to be a good choice, we could savor some more laid-back atmosphere away from the bustle of tourist overflow in Sevilla. Much if not all of the city has retained the visual style establish centuries ago. Narrow streets barely fit for cars, two-storey white-washed buildings with hidden patios, plenty of churches but that's what you'd expect...

The young tend to fly away as usual, at least catch the bus to Sevilla. That leaves the old to give some life to the city. And this being Spain, more nuns per square meter than anywhere but perhaps in Rome...