My Lightroom Workflow

If you are a Lightroom user, you have surely developed your own way to work through your images and organize them on your disks and catalogs. There is no truth here, just what works for you. But maybe you are frustrated and are looking for ideas to mold into your own system. I’m happy to share a few.

I will try to walk you throw my own workflow, adapted from ideas I have evolved from others. Time to “pay forward”! It seems to be working for me, and has evolved over the last couple of years as I met new challenges.

"Working" means: it keeps me reasonably tidy in the process. It can be perfected, especially in forcing greater discipline in the metadata tags addition, titling etc., but by and large, it does the job.

The fundamental idea is to try and spend as little time as possible in Folders, which I treat as good old three-ring binders for filmstrip holders! I use, instead, quite heavily, nested Collection Sets and Smart Collections. Treated right, they are really... smart!

Ready for it?

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